Beautiful Boracay

It’s the reliable crowd favorite, the one that earns a spot on the lists of bests in the world. Fascinating how this one small island can hold so much natural beauty and diversity, that it stands out of 7,107 others.


I actually hated the idea of going to Boracay. I thought it was overrated, too commercialized and wild for my own good. I had the impression it was expensive, luxurious and therefore served more of a status symbol. I wanted to prove myself wrong and gave it a chance.

When you experience something firsthand, that’s when you truly understand. It becomes more personal and in this case, wipes out the bias.


White Beach is indeed, world-class. Its clear blue water, powdery white sand and swayed coconut trees make the visit worthwhile.




The sunset’s incomparable – still one of the most dramatic I’ve ever seen.


Yes, it was commercialized as I expected it to be. The whole stretch was lined with restaurants and bars of every cuisine you could think of, hotels ranging from budget to five-star, locals selling you overpriced whatnot. But amidst the chaos, there were scattered pockets of quiet and calm.

Just fix your eyes to the ocean and don’t look back.


The first time I was here, we just swam, chilled by the beach and enjoyed the sunset. I came back the following year, and we tried the ATV and water activities. We watched fire dancers and walked under the stars from one end of the beach to the other. We went on a food trip, drank and danced the night away. ‘Commercialized’ has its own advantages. There’s something in the island to suit whatever mood, personality or craving.




I guess I’m saying Boracay is all about living the good life. I used to be a non-believer. It’s that kind of place that grows on you and then you’d just wish to stay for good.


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