Canyoneering in Badian

For someone like me who’s not a swimmer (and hence, cannot cliff jump but has always wanted to), canyoneering was a perfect excuse to do it. A fairly new term for us here, the activity involves navigating a canyon’s river by jumping waterfalls, swimming, climbing, etc. In this case, we explored Matutinao River in South Cebu.

From the South Bus terminal, we took a 5 am bus to Bato-Barili and alighted in Badian around 8 am.

We hired a guide and dressed up in a life vest, helmet and aqua shoes before a quick habal-habal ride to the jump off. Right then and there we had the first jump to get into the river. So much for starting slow! Like what they say, the first step is always the hardest – it took some time before I managed to let go and just jump. It was my first time and it felt good.

There were around 7 waterfall jumps in all, each one of a different height and beauty compared to the other. Of course you have to save the best (and highest) for last – which had a way back up so you can actually do it over and over again.

We let ourselves flow with the river’s current. We scrambled on limestone rocks and passed through caves and rock formations. The place was beautiful and it felt like we were in a different world. The canyon and the bright aquamarine water had a mystical appeal.

After around 3 hours, the river ended in Kawasan falls, another attraction in this part of the island. It has three levels, all bright blue and refreshingly cold. We didn’t have any money or food with us so we just stopped to rest a bit and admire the falls before grabbing some lunch outside. Many thanks to our guide who let us stay in his house to clean up before heading back to the city.

It’s a fun, must-try adventure! 🙂


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