Bohol’s best bets

Living in Cebu, the island of Bohol is just 2 hours away by ferry. I’ve always wanted to visit Bohol, so I didn’t pass up the chance.


It started pretty memorable – I had the scariest, wildest ferry ride of my life! The ferry was bobbing up and down the entire time, with waves crashing on the glass windows. A typhoon passed by days before and unfortunately the seas were still rough. It was the longest 2 hours. Ever.I’d usually go for a DIY trip, but I figured it would be easier to visit the tourist spots in Bohol by package tour, since we had limited time and the island was pretty big. The places were also far from each other. They were all interesting, but these are the must-see places for me:

Chocolate Hills – all 1,200+ of them! They look so cool from above as well (visible on a flight from Cebu to Camiguin!). You’ll have to climb up stairs to get to the viewing deck, but it’s worth it! The ATV adventure was more for picture taking purposes.

Loboc River Cruise – enjoyed our buffet lunch while cruising on this clean, green river. It was a good way to relax after a half day of tours.

A children’s choir sang for us along the way. Super adorable kids!

Tarsier Sanctuary – there were 5 tarsiers in the area when we visited. I like how they were left to themselves and not caged. They were small enough to hide in behind branches of leaves.

Old Church Ruins – Bohol’s century-old churches were destroyed in an earthquake in 2013, and have not been rebuilt since then. Some are still open to visitors while the others were completely torn down.

Blood Compact Shrine –  A historical monument that commemorates the tradition made between the Spaniards and early Filipinos. It was along the main road, but hardly noticeable because there was a hotel right beside it.

We ended the day in Panglao island and after getting some rest, headed to Alona beach for dinner. As expected, the seaside restaurants were expensive. From what I’ve read online, I expected the area to be more like Boracay – but it was much less crowded, less noisy. Just perfect. It was a windy night, and we were hoping the seas would calm down by the time we leave tomorrow.


We hung out at the beach the next morning, with the clear blue water and white sand beaches to ourselves! There were also several food choices along the beach. It was a good, chill vacation all in all, the island hopping and diving activities are reserved for next time!


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