Taiwan-derful reasons to go now

I must admit I knew little of Taiwan before. I’ve always known it was our nearest neighbor up north, but apart from that and the phenomenal rise of the boy group F4 and their show Meteor Garden, I wasn’t as interested in its history or culture. With the help of some research and the growing popularity of hiking, I finally got myself to visit its capital, Taipei.

Since there is a visa requirement (it was easy to apply but still, visas are a hassle), I booked a 5-day trip to maximize what I paid for. It’s pretty long compared to my past international trips, but in the end it wasn’t even enough for all the places I wanted to visit! Continue reading


Surfing for the first time

Fact: I can’t swim.

I managed to do some floats and strokes back in school to pass PE, but I can’t really swim swim. The life vest is my best friend in any deep water-related activity… which sucks if you live in a country like the Philippines, teeming with marine biodiversity, surf spots and world class beaches from north to south. I enjoy the beach but you can say I’m missing a lot. I know, it’s a must-have life skill that I’m trying to work on.

And so surfing has been on my bucket list since forever but I haven’t mustered enough courage to try it until my recent trip to Bali. The fear of getting wiped out by the waves gets to me every time, but not this time. Bali is famous for surfing so might as well try it while I’m there. Continue reading

Best of Bali: Things to do

A week’s stay in Bali is admittedly too short for a place with so much to offer. It’s one of the more famous destinations in Southeast Asia, and understandably so – it’s the kind of place you easily fall in love with.

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Saigon kind of wonderful

A weekend in Saigon was love at first sight, and I barely scratched the surface! There are more modern, attractive cities in the ASEAN but this is my favorite so far. Must be because I’m a sucker for culture and art and history. I am planning to go back soon to do more exploring, but for now allow me to reminisce on my trip last February.

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