G2: My dream climb come true

Mt. Guiting-Guiting has always been that distant, intimidating dream mountain since I started climbing. I’ve always felt it was too scary and difficult, that I wouldn’t be fit enough to take on such a technical climb. I first planned on going last 2016 but eventually backed out knowing I wasn’t prepared. Another opportunity came in 2017 and this time I was determined to make it to G2.

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The Cordilleras’ Rice Terraces

The rice terraces up north have always been part of my bucket list. And they have been quite elusive to me. Might sound crazy that I flew all the way from Cebu for a 13-hour land trip – and fly back right after – but after two failed attempts in the past year, I was just more determined to go.

The itinerary was jampacked – in 2 days, we covered the Batad, Maligcong and Banaue rice terraces, plus Tappia falls and a sunrise hike up Mt. Kupapey.

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Mt. Kanlaon: Terrifyingly beautiful

This mountain has been in my bucket list since I started hiking, and now I’ve finally completed the highest peaks of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao! 🙂 Mt. Kanlaon in Bacolod is Visayas’ highest peak and the country’s largest active (!!) volcano.


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Mt Apo: Highest of them all

It still feels surreal to say that I stood at the summit of the Philippines’ highest mountain. Three days later, my thigh muscles are still sore; the summit, trails and views are still vivid in my mind but ironically it feels like such a distant memory. The people I spent 3 days and 2 nights with were strangers to me then and now I may actually have a bad case of separation anxiety.

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